Communications Campaign: Orange County Law Enforcement Communications Handbook Released in Full

As explained in our previous post, we set sail on a journey to acquire and distribute information pertaining to "the official radio code, fleet maps (a directory of which channels are allocated for a given use, e.g. police dispatch), agency mnemonics, operating procedures, unit identifiers, acronyms, and other useful information" conducive to accurate interpretation of radio transmissions and related reporting. In other words, we sought to allow for further interpretation of radio transmissions which, in turn, will enable far more accurate news reporting, better interpretation of transmissions, and further entertainment for scanner enthusiasts.

As a pilot request, our office sought the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department's Official Law Enforcement Communications Manual. Despite initially being provided with a heavily redacted version of this handbook, our office requested reconsideration on the basis that information was harmless and/or already publicly available. Today, on Christmas Eve, we received our holiday gift: a complete, unredacted copy of the Orange County Sheriff-Coroner's Official Law Enforcement Communications Manual and its associated cover letter. (Source Documents)

In light of this pilot requests success and the real prospect of furthering the interpretation of radio communications, Madison & Associates will be accepting requests for similar information from other law enforcement agencies. As always, if you have any feedback including comments, complaints, or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us!