Communications Campaign Request Log

Due to significant public interest in certain public safety communication networks, this page has been established to let individuals monitor ongoing our ongoing and pending requests.

To make a request/recommendation please visit this page. Before making a submission however, please review the list below to determine whether the information you are seeking has already been requested.


Ongoing Requests

San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department (San Bernardino, CA)


Pending Requests

San Bernardino County Fire Department (San Bernardino, CA)


Queued Requests

East Bay Regional Communications Authority (Dublin, CA)

  • Official Law Enforcement Channel Fleetmaps for New System;
  • Unit Designators;
  • Official Radio Code;
  • Communications Policy/Procedures;
  • Communications Handbook;
  • Training Guides.

California Highway Patrol (Sacramento, CA)

  • Information relative to changes by CHP to 700 MHz portable radios and MDT controlled radios;
  • Unit Designators;
  • Station IDs;
  • Radio Frequencies;
  • Radio Fleetmap;
  • Official Radio Code;
  • Communications Policy/Procedures;
  • Communications Handbook.

Completed Requests

Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Department (Orange, CA)


Be sure to check back for updates as this page will be updated regularly. As always, if you have any feedback please leave a comment below or contact us here.